About Shorehead Pizza Parlour

Located at Seaview House, 4-6 Branch St, Leven KY8 4NL, you can find the best pizza takeaway with a mouth-watering menu including many dishes like our crispy pakoras, Italian pizzas made with fresh dough and tasty ingredients, delicious calzones, succulent kebabs, freshly made wraps, juicy burgers, sweet desserts and much more.
Vegetarian options are always available for you if you follow a veggie diet.
All of our meals are available for collection or through our home delivery service.
The ingredients we use are provided by our local source which brings us the best local, fresh, and high-quality ingredients. These ingredients give our meals a unique taste and keep our customers coming back again and again.
If you are craving a hot pizza on a rainy day, all you need to do is just pick up your mobile, search “Pizza takeaway near me” and order online from our website, then just wait for a knock on your door. We will bring you a hot and tasty meal in a very short time.
Do you feel like you need help using our website? Feel free to call us on 01333439596. Also, you can get in touch with us to place your order over the phone.
Thank you for visiting our online ordering website. We hope to see you soon and enjoy your meal.


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